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                  News Release

September 16, 2003

Black Catholics –“ Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day”




The National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life Board of Consultants and our Affiliates, are encouraging the Black Catholic community to participate in the “Doctor’s Day” on September 16, 2003.


As National Partners of the “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day,” we are asking that Health Information Stations be set up in the community and that on the Sunday before “Doctor’s Day” announcements are made in the parishes, institutions and organizations of our community.  The NBCAL theme is: “In The Name of Life- Let’s Save A Life”.


“Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day,” now planned for the third Tuesday of each September, has become a key element of the Health Gap campaign.  The focus of the day is to encourage individuals to take charge of their health by visiting a health professional (a doctor, a nurse, a nurse practitioner, or other health provider), making an appointment for a visit, attending a health event in the community, or helping a friend, neighbor, or family member do the same.


Our aim as the National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life is to inform and educate our community about the health gap, empower individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, obtain access to health care, and choose life by taking care of the gift of life given to us by God.


For more information visit the “Closing the Health Gap” website (  Call the Health Gap at their toll free number 1-800- 444-6472 or call the
National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life at  212-868-1847 (


“In The Name of Life – Let’s Save A Life” by Taking a Loved One to the Doctor on
Tuesday September 16, 2003! Please use every means necessary to get the word out.

When all else fails, let’s go back to the tried and true way – Everybody tell Somebody-
“ Take A Loved One to The Doctor Day “– September 16, 2003.



NBCAL Board of Consultants

  Bishop J. Terry Steib, SVD, DD, Episcopal Advisor,

Fr. Jim Goode, OFM, PH.D, President, Dr. Beverly A. Carroll (USCCB: SAAC),

Sr. Donna Banfield, SBS, (NBSC), Fr. Anthony Bozeman, (NBCCC), Supreme Lady Mary L. Briers, (KPCAL), Mr. Carolette Davis, (NABCA),
Br. Tyrone A. Davis, CFC, (NBCCC), Deacon Jerry Lett, (NAAACD), Supreme Knight Arthur McFarland, (KPC), Sr. Claire Napoleon, FMM, (NBSC),
Mr. Joseph Powell, (Pres. NABCA), Msgr. Patrick A. Wells, (NBCCC), Mr. Michael Youngblood, (NAACYMN), Sr. Anita Baird, DHM, (Pres. NBSC), Ex-Officio,
Fr. Chester P. Smith, SVD, (Pres. NBCCC), Ex-Officio

Partnership:  National Black Catholic Congress, Xavier University Institute for Black Catholic Studies